Some Interesting Themes

Hey, today I am going to talk about some themes you will find in the book Will Grayson Will Grayson”  Some of the themes are highly topical in our modern society, like coming of age, identity and mental illnessBilderesultat for will grayson will grayson theme.

To be young, but not too young. When you are just a kid, you have to deal with all these tough coming-of-age issues, like. Who am I? What am I going to be? How can I move forward in life? Both Will Graysons are a bit anxious to leave childish things behind. Will these two guys stay stuck in their same roots, or will they grow up and learn something, and be some real and honest men? I cross my fingers, but we can uncross them with confidence that these two are well on their way.

Who are you? You can start with your name, but that doesn’t really even begin to cover it. As our two Will Graysons find out who they are, a name doesn’t make the man-each Will Grayson is  unique and special. So who are they really? We may share something with other people, but we’re all different deep down. Probably the toughest part of both Wills journys is figuring out and making peace with who they are. This part is also tough for the youth of today.

Bilderesultat for will grayson will grayson themeDepression isn’t fun thing to talk about. As will grayson puts it, it’s “depressing as hell.” But since a lot of people, including teenagers, suffer from some form of mental illness, it’s a super important thing to talk about and to do something about it. And that is something the book “Will Grayson Will Grayson” are highly doing.

I think this book is good for everyone and all of us has something to learn from it.

Thanks! Hope to see you later and I will come back with some  more exciting stuff from the book!!




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