The Suburbs of Chicago, Circa 2010

Bilderesultat for will grayson will grayson quotesHello again! I am back, with more about the amazing book “Will Grayson Will Grayson“. It is time to talk a little bit about the setting of the book.

The setting of Will Grayson Will Grayson will probably look pretty familiar to a lot of readers. Because it takes place in modern times in a suburb area around Chicago, Illinois. It is actually just about a bunch of Midwestern kids getting up to some mischief in an ordinary American city.

Will Grayson (the straight one) lives in Evanston, which is only about fifteen miles north of Chicago. That can explain why Will, Jane and Tiny go into the city to see concerts and hang out so much. Because it takes just around a half an hour to get from their houses to downtown Chicago. will grayson (the gay one) lives in Naperville. Thats a lovly suburb about thirdy-five miles west of Chicago. This gives us a little clue as to why he’s not as familiar with the city as the other Will Grayson.

Bilderesultat for will grayson will graysonBut why is this story set in Chicago? Well, John Green said that the time he and David Levithan were writing the book, he had an office in Chicago. Right across the street from Frenchy’s to be exact. So that’s a part of the reason. The setting also gives us a sense that these are just average American teenagers living average American lives. They both live in the suburb, but they have access to a big city with a hopping arts and culture scene for them to enjoy. There are also a bit of tolerance in this liberal-ish area (for example, no one completely wigs out when will telles everyone he is gay). I ask myself and you, what’s not to love?

How do you think the story would have been different if the two Will Graysons lived on oppisite ends of Manhatten? Or in Los Angelses? Or even on farms in Utah? Moving our characters gives them a whole new feel. I personally think that Chicago is their town now.


Hope you liked it, and hopefully it want be long time to next post.

See you later



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