The main characters

This story is about a boy named Will Grayson. And an Bilderesultat for will grayson will graysonother boy also named Will Grayson. Confused? I will explain! You need to know one thing, before I start. You can expect a wonderful history, where we get to know two young boys and their funny and interesting history.

The first Will Grayson lives in a Chicago suburb (an area on the edge of a large town or city where people who work in the town or city often live)  and has a best friend named Tiny Cooper who is (1) extremely huge and (2) extremely gay. Will also may or may not have crush on Tiny’s friend, Jane. Will thinks she is cute and all that, but he does not know if he could survive the eventual heartbreak at the end. OH, LOVE!!

– Follow two very simple rules 1. Don’t care too much. 2. Shut up.

Aside from all the drama with Jane, Will also isn’t too thrilled about Tiny Dancer; The Tiny Cooper Story,  the upcoming semi-biographical musical Tiny is planning to write, direct and star in at their high school.

The second will grayson (we’ll write his name in lowercase letters to distinguish him from the other Will Grayson) aslo lives in a Chicago suburb, but he has some different problems. Not only is will struggling with depression, but he’s also in love with Isaac-a boy from Ohio he’s only met onlie. Ugh

– i am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me.

Meanwhile at school, will’s friend Maura is constantly trying to flirt with him. She also kind of wonders of will is gay, which he neither confirms nor denies. When Isaac suggests to will that they meet in downtown Chicago at a place called Frenchy’s, will is excited! That is, until he realizes that Frenchy’s is a porn shop.

And here’s where the stories of our two Will Graysons start. They both meet in the porn shop as will realizes the horrible truth-Isaac isn’t real. It was just Maura pretending to be someone else online. Ouch!!Bilderesultat for will grayson will grayson quotes

I personaly think it’s hard to identify with one of the Will Graysons, because we are so different. Particular when it comes to thoughts and the mental health, but it’s very interesting and funny to read about these two. So I am very excited to keep reading.

See you later!!


2 thoughts on “The main characters

  1. Oh my! John Green has certainly done it once again! His plots are always amazing and unique. No wonder why he’s a bestselling athour all around the world. I really must fetch that book myself to be honest with you, because this sounds very interesting! The plot, the story, the theme.. What more can I say? I LOVE IT!


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